Dharma Training

Dharma Training is distinguished by its holistic approach to yoga and its support for applying yoga toward bettering the society. Participants experience immersion in the breadth of yoga and gain empowering knowledge to better self and society.

Dharma Training features a rich layering of features that work together to nurture personal growth and transmit skills and knowledge. It also gives participants a foundation for continuing with advanced trainings and for making use of their acquired skills and potentials.

Objectives of Dharma Training

  • To establish yogic practices for holistic and integrated self development
  • To impart a knowledge base for promoting dharma
  • To experience a spirited and creative expression of spiritual community
  • To give basic skills for teaching or sharing yoga practices
  • To nurture personal empowerment to express dharmic potentialities
  • To inculcate the spirit of “liberation for self and service to humanity”
  • To provide a foundation for further trainings
  • To strengthen neohumanist values and lifestyle

Yoga offers a powerful system of practices that nurture the holistic and integrated development of the human personality. Participants in Dharma Training are progressively introduced to a comprehensive system of practices and supported in following these practices. Participants are also exposed to basic yoga philosophy and prepare a presentation that applies philosophical concepts.

Dharma Training Information

  • 12 days of instruction
  • two trainings sessions, held three months apart
  • training sessions occur during school term vacations
  • lead instruction by a senior acharya; additional instruction by local yoga teachers
  • tuition fees are exceptionally affordable; work-study options
  • wholesome vegetarian meals are provided

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