What is a SEED?

SEED Graphic_jpeg

SEED stands for ‘Solidarity Economy and Ecological Design.’

Sounds good–but what does that mean here in Eugene, OR?

Dharmalaya is offering a novel approach to the green movement. The SEED is an attempt to move beyond the eco-village, which is currently one of the best models of self-reliant communities. An eco-village attempts to grow and process its own food, use minimum impact construction techniques to build comfortable, energy efficient homes and bring together community built around the affirmation of life.

A SEED does all this is as well, but adds in another dimension. In addition to aiming for self-sufficiency, a SEED also strives to spread values and techniques for helping others in their own green transformations. To that end, we are working on developing a variety of educational tools that will be useful in many kinds of challenging problems today.

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