Group Meditation

IMG_7068Every Sunday, Dharmalaya hosts a group meditation, called Dharmachakra, that is open to everyone. ‘Dharma’ means ‘the path, the way,’ and ‘chakra’ means focal point, so ‘dharmachakra’ means a focal point where people come together to support each other on their spiritual path.

We sing bhajans (spiritual songs), do kiirtan (a dance done to prepare the body and mind for meditation), and meditate together. After a half hour meditation, there is a group discussion of a spiritual topic.

Childcare is provided; families are absolutely welcome.  For more info on the Children’s program, contact Kaverii at; 541-607-9576

Every Sunday at 10:00 am

1st Sunday of the month:

We have a time to welcome new people and give a brief explanation of our group meditation format once a month on the first Sunday of each month. The program is immediately followed by a satvic vegetarian potluck. (Satvic food is vegetarian with no garlic, onions or mushrooms. Dairy is okay.)164262_10151549537533166_1680988474_n65661_10151549537058166_1204097923_n

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