Our Legacy

Dharmalaya’s History of Innovation and Achievement

Dharmalaya has been an innovator, taking on initiatives requiring vision, commitment, and organizing skill — and that express faith in human potential, vitality of spirit, and dedication to social improvement.

Dharmalaya programs have supported neighborhood community, engaged youth in constructive activity, provided education in sustainable living, fostered spiritual community, promoted wholesome lifestyle practices, uplifted and vitalized the human spirit, and advanced new social vision.

Through its many undertakings, Dharmalaya has established a unique track record of credibility, capacity, creativity and dynamism.


Dharmalaya’s facility design: a recognized model of advanced sustainable living

Dharmalaya’s ecological and sustainability initiatives:

  • Permaculture Design certification trainings
  • Onsite filming of an Home and Garden TV episode
  • Venue for Eugene lecture by David Holmgren, cofounder of permaculture
  • Venue for neighborhood sustainability bike tours by Jan Spencer

PROUT Institute at Dharmalaya:

  • Promoting a new paradigm of development
  • Help with Fairgrounds Repair Project redesign of the County Fairgrounds
  • Intern programoffering youth constructive engagement in progressive change
  • Community forums on envisioning a sustainable, locally-based economy
  • “Solution-Oriented Approach to Social Change” social transformation training
  • Contribution to the Sustainable State of the City/County report

Host site for four regional permaculture gatherings, featuring the region’s best presenters in introductory and advanced workshops on sustainable living skills and building a new culture

Yoga and Meditation:

Dharmalaya Yoga Teacher Training program: first yoga teacher training in the south Willamette Valley

Dharma Training: building empowerment, vision, vitality, skills, community, compassion, yogic disciplines, and spirit in young adults

Yoga, Service and Sustainability Alternative Spring Break“: a positive, life-changing spring break experience for college students

Dharmalaya Yoga Teachers Collective: first yoga studio program run collectively by yoga teachers

Yoga Day: a unique one-day holistic experience of yoga offered quarterly

Dharmalaya Summer Yoga Camp: offering continuing training and community for advanced yoga students

Classes in meditation, yogic health, and yoga philosophy: yoga-related course offerings that go beyond typical yoga posture classes

Yoga Life Training: one to three month training providing a broad foundation in yogic practices, philosophy, spiritual social vision, and personal empowerment

Host site for international yoga/meditation retreats


Dharmalaya programs to build spiritual community:

  • Dharma Baby Day — for mothers with young children
  • First Sunday of the month community meditations
  • Biannual spiritual outings
  • A sacred space for weddings and memorial ceremonies
  • New Years Day Community Gatherings: ecumenical coming together to enter the new year with the power of spiritual community and spiritual vision

Neighborhood-building events:

  • River Road Pear Blossom Culture Fest
  • Annual Dharmalaya Holiday Benefit for service projects
  • River Road Neighborhood Summit host site
  • Educational opportunities provided to the community:
  • Field-trips site for middle school, high school and college classes
  • Educational tours offered to permaculture training programs
  • Popular stop for neighborhood sustainability bike tours
  • Featured site on the BRING-It-Home tour of sustainable homes
  • Participation in three annual tour of solar homes
  • Tour site for the NUSA (Neighborhoods USA) annual conference




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