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Chief Technology Officerprashanta.bioPrashanta Daniel Geisler brings 30 years experience in software development, extensive background in both business and scientific computing, 15 years experience with Internet technology, and 30 years experience in networking people and computers to his work at the PROUT Institute. His devotion to PROUT and the creation of an awakened planet is perhaps only surpassed by his love of mathematics. A mathematical genius, Prashanta is the creator of tetration.org, one of the oldest, largest and most widely used websites on tetration. Inspired by the work, community and projects, he recently moved to Eugene to join the staff at the PROUT Institute.  contact: daniel@danielgeisler.com
Executive DirectorRavi standard Ravi Logan is the Executive Director of the PROUT Institute and is the principal author of PROUT: A New Paradigm of Development. He has written and lectured on ecology, economics, social theory, history, and yoga philosophy. A neighborhood leader and visionary thinker with 40 years of mediation experience, At the core of his expression through the PROUT Institute, Ravi weaves together a depth of spiritual experience and a strong desire for social transformation.  Ravi is responsible for the development of the Community Transformations Program. When he is not working on his latest book on revolution, he teaches meditation classes, leads a PROUT study circle and is the primary trainer for the Yoga Life Trainings. contact: rlogan@igc.org
Social Media and Program CoordinatorMicheleMichele Renee uses skill and expertise gained from 20 years of high school teaching and 10 years of running programs at Dharmalaya to inform her work at the PROUT Institute. Together with Ravi Logan, Michele developed the Community Transformations Program. She is responsible for the community communications, social networking, and marketing for the Institute. Her background includes a B.A. in geography and anthropology, archaeology aerial photography work in the Caribbean and North Africa. She also manages the Eugene chapter of the Ananda Seva Mission spiritual community as well as the Dharmalaya Center. contact: humansocietyis1@gmail.com
 Jason.bio President Jason Schreiner serves as President of PROUT Institute, is   Instructor of Environmental Studies at the University of Oregon, and is a Faculty Consultant with the UO Teaching Effectiveness Program. The PROUT Institute’s chief public speaker, Jason brings a passion and deep understanding of social theory, liberation philosophy, and PROUT to inspire the students in training at the Institute.  Jason’s contributions are informed by his background working in community organizations, having served as Director of Development for the Kansas Rural Center, a nonprofit that promotes sustainable agriculture and local food security, and as Outreach and Communications Director for Goal One Coalition, an Oregon-based nonprofit organization that engaged citizens in creating livable communities and sustainable economies.  contact: jwschreiner@hotmail.com
Prout strategic development and learning clare.bio
Clare Strawn puts her PhD in Urban Studies and Master’s in Education to work using collaborative action research to empower communities to learn from their practices. She has decades of community development and activism from early feminism to community control of housing, solidarity with liberation movements, women’s literacy in South Africa, and educational equity regionally and internationally. “I am a bridge builder. Spanning resources, building capacity through partnerships, and healing social divides through connection bridge the road of my diverse life and academic experiences. contact: clarestrawn@gmail.com


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